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Introducing the Love Endures Hand Dyed Yarn Collection!

I am thrilled to present our newest addition to the Kettle + Hearth Fibers offerings - hand dyed yarn! I named our first collection the Love Endures Collection because through thick and thin Love not only endures but persists and flourishes. Sometimes Love is sweet pink, other times Love is quietly strong like grey. I tried to evoke the different ways Love shows itself in these colorways. This captivating collection showcases our first-ever hand-dyed yarn, featuring a coordinated palette of colorways in blend of delicate cream, soft rose pink, and elegant grey. I hope they ignite your creativity.

The Artistry of Hand-Dyed Yarn

Each skein in the Love Endures Collection is hand-dyed with love and care. Indie dyed yarn is a work of art (magic?) that involves the careful application of colors onto the yarn fibers. Each skein is individually dyed, resulting in unique variations and subtle tonals that make every hank truly one-of-a-kind. The result is a kaleidoscope of shades within the cream, pink, and grey color palette. Our Love Endures Collection is no exception, as every skein is meticulously hand-dyed to perfection, ensuring a mesmerizing and cohesive spectrum of shades.

One of my main goals in creating this collection was to offer a harmonious color palette. Too often I have purchased yarn online, after spending time carefully selecting colors, only to receive them and find that they don't blend well together. Many of us don't have the luxury of visiting a local yarn store (LYS) to see the colors in all their glory. We are left hoping that our chosen colors will complement each other when they arrive at our doorstep.

The Delicate Charm of Vintage Rose

Pink, a symbol of tenderness and femininity, takes center stage in the Love Endures Collection. It is February after all. Whether you're creating a baby blanket, a cozy shawl, or a delicate accessory, the pink hue of Vintage Rose in this collection will infuse your projects with an air of delicate charm.

The Timeless Beauty of Steel Grey

Grey, a color often associated with elegance and versatility, could be considered the neutral colorway of the Love Endures Collection. Whether used as a contrasting color or as the main focus, grey adds depth and a touch of modernity to your creations. I chose a medium grey shade for Steel Grey to balance the romantic shade of Vintage Rose.

The Elegance of Steely Rose

The variegated colorway in this collection, Steely Rose, combines shades of Vintage Rose and Steel grey with warm and inviting cream tones. The result is an ensemble of pinks ranging from blush to dusty rose, light silver greys to deep charcoal, and hints of cream.

Endless Creative Possibilities

With the Love Endures Collection, your creative possibilities are limitless. Whether you're knitting a cozy sweater, crocheting a delicate lace shawl, or creating a unique accessory, these hand-dyed yarns in a coordinated palette will elevate your projects to new heights. The balanced blend of Vintage Rose, Steel grey, and variegated Steely Rose allows for seamless color combinations and endless opportunities to explore your artistic vision.

The Love Endures Collection was carefully curated to offer a harmonious color palette. I hope you will be delighted to see how the chosen colors beautifully complement each other. You can confidently embark on your project, knowing the colorways will create a stunning and cohesive look.

xoxo Michelle

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